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3D Mammography Services in Macomb, IL

Mammogram Screenings

A mammogram is an x-ray examination of the breast. As a screening method for early detection of breast cancer, it is one of the most important procedures a woman can have. A mammogram is also used to diagnose cysts or other abnormalities. A physician order is not needed to schedule a screening mammogram if you are over 40. If further investigation is needed mammography-guided needle localization and stereotactic breast biopsies are also performed at McDonough District Hospital.

Studies have proven that 3D mammograms find more cancers than traditional 2D mammograms and also reduce the number of false positives. The 3D mammography offers more accurate detection, earlier diagnosis, better detection in dense breast tissue, less anxiety by reducing false positives, and is safer and more effective for detecting breast cancer earlier.

Two important aspects make the MDH Mammography stand out above the rest, the technology and the experienced staff.

“What separates MDH from the rest in mammography is our professional mammographers are experienced, caring, compassionate and personable with over 25 years of experience. They always take the time to explain the exam with the patient, listen to the patient’s health history, answer questions or concerns, educate the patient regarding breast health and more importantly ease the patient anxieties,” states Director of Radiology and Cardiopulmonary Milton Griffin.

Please register in Admitting/Registration 15 minutes prior to your Radiology appointment. Patients can save time and pre-register by calling (309) 836-1753 between 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • Always notify the technologist if you are pregnant, lactating, or have breast implants.
  • Do not wear any perfume, powder, or deodorant from the neck to the waist.

Ask about our Mammography Assistance Program (M.A.P.) which provides financial assistance to qualifying patients for screening mammogram. The MDH Patient Financial Services/Credit Office is responsible for determining eligibility for the M.A.P. program and may be reached at (309) 836-1528.

The Radiology Department is accredited by The American College of Radiology for Mammography.

For more information about 3D Mammography call the Radiology Department at (309) 836-1550.


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