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Hospital to Home (H2H) Swing Bed Program

A Transition Program in Macomb, IL

Hospital To Home (H2H) Swing Bed offers a transition program home for those patients who no longer require hospitalization and who would benefit from additional short term skilled services before returning to independent living.

This service is a federally-approved program that allows rural hospitals to use their beds interchangeably for either acute care or post-acute care patient needs.

For more information on the program or to make a referral, contact McDonough District Hospital’s H2H Swing Bed Coordinator at (309) 836-1560. If you wish to make a referral during the evening hours or over a weekend, please call (309) 833-4101 and ask to speak to the House Supervisor.

What information is necessary to begin the referral process?

  • Patient demographic page
  • History and Physical
  • All therapy evaluations
  • Current physician and therapy progress notes
  • Current medication list
  • Recent lab work

What are Qualifications for the Hospital to Home Program?

To be eligible for H2H Swing Bed services, patients must meet criteria as established by Medicare and/or an individual’s insurance company. Per Medicare guidelines, a patient must be hospitalized as an acute care inpatient for a minimum of three consecutive midnights (excluding any observation days) within a 30-day period.

A patient must also be medically stable for the last 24 hours prior to transferring to the H2H Swing Bed program, be alert enough to follow directions, and be willing to participate and make progress toward therapy goals in the rehabilitation program.

Some of the more typical skilled services that are covered under the H2H Swing Bed program include:

Once patients are completed with the program, they have access to the MDH Home Health Care for any additional needs.

In general, Medicare covers up to 20 days in a skilled setting and up to 100 days with co-payment, as long as Medicare criteria continues to be met. Continued stays in the H2H Swing Bed program are determined by individual progress and eligibility per insurance providers. MDH recommends that patients contact their insurance companies regarding specific benefit and coverage information.

Due to a commitment for meeting the needs of all MDH patients, space and bed limitations will affect the number and type of H2H Swing Bed availability at any given time. It is for this reason that MDH works toward an average length of stay of 1-3 weeks in the H2H Swing Bed program.

What to Expect?

While participating in the program, patients are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing in preparation for a normal routine at home. Patients in the H2H Swing Bed program should also do as much as they can for themselves as they work toward increasing independence goals.

Multidisciplinary staff works in conjunction with the attending physician to address individual care needs and to work with patients to establish a safe discharge plan. Registered nurses are staffed 24 hours a day. Providers see patients regularly during their stay and are available in-house on a daily basis. In addition, the H2H Swing Bed program has other advantages such as access to various on-sight services, including: x-rays, laboratory services, and emergency care.


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