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MDH Nurses Celebrate Nurses Week by Giving Back

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MACOMB, Ill. – National Nurses Week runs May 6-12, annually ending on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

This year to celebrate, the nursing staff at McDonough District Hospital wanted to do something different … they wanted to give back to their colleagues.

The Nursing Care Committee, comprised of 14 nurses, discussed during a recent meeting what they can do to give back to the staff and organization. Last Friday (May 6) – National Nurses Day – the committee of MDH nurses went to different departments and handed out treats.

“Over the last couple of years I’ve seen where different departments in the hospital were recognized as the unsung heroes. I feel nurses have been really focused on through COVID, and there has been a lot of ‘oh thank goodness for the nurses’, but all of the other departments in this hospital, we couldn’t function in our unit without them. I felt it was really important to make sure they knew how appreciated they were,” said Heather Powell, RN. “So when we (Nursing Care Committee) talked about it, everyone said absolutely.

“I’ve always found more joy in giving than receiving so for me I would much rather recognize someone else and lavish them with appreciation and thanks than receive it myself,” said Powell.

Handed out to each department was a card with an inspirational note.

For Nurses Week 2022 the MDH Nursing Care Committee would like to turn the tables and recognize YOU and everything you have done over the past year. COVID-19 has complicated every aspect of working in a hospital and providing patient care. More than ever we have been reminded that it truly takes an entire team to provide the most efficient and highest quality patient care, and we just want you to know that you are a valued and important member of the team! We appreciate you and everything you do for MDH and our patients!

“What a wonderful way to christen National Nurses Week! It takes the entire team to provide exceptional patient care with a focus on patient safety,” said Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer Wanda Foster, RN, MSN, FACHE. “It was very heartwarming to personally say Thank You to all the departments which are integral in providing support, many ‘behind the scenes’ for all aspects of patient care.”

Nurses Week partially overlaps with National Hospital Week (May 8-15).

“It was really nice to be able to get out to see everybody in the hospital. As a nurse, we see them sometimes in our department. We hear them on the phone. So it was nice to see the faces of people and be able to give back to them for everything they’ve done for us over the last couple of years,” said Laci Zurek, RN.

“It was really nice to see the excitement that they were appreciated, especially for Nurses Week when they weren’t nurses or the nurses we did see were so excited for their treats,” said Shannon Jackson, RN. “I can’t do my job without the help of all the departments – from EVS to plant engineering to cardio. I can’t successfully take care of my patients without them.”