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Breast Cancer: Know Your Risk

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Breast Cancer: Know Your Risk

Factors that Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer

While anyone can develop this form of cancer, there are a set of factors that can leave you at an increased risk. The health experts at McDonough District Hospital are here to share some common factors that can increase your chances of developing this chronic health condition.

Risk Factors

Being a Woman

While men can also develop breast cancer, being a woman is the number one risk factor for developing it. There are over 260,000 cases of invasive breast cancer and over 60,000 cases of non-invasive breast cancer diagnosed in women each year, with only about 2,500 cases of breast cancer being diagnosed in men each year.


Like many other forms of cancer, age is another significant risk factor for the risk of developing breast cancer. 2 in 3 cases of breast cancer are found in women over the age of 55.

Having Dense Breast Tissue

While having dense breast tissue is relatively normal and is not a cause for concern on its own, women with dense breast tissue are more likely to develop breast cancer. Dense breast tissue can also make it harder for doctors to detect breast cancer with a mammogram.

Family History

When you have close relatives—like a mother, daughter, or sibling—who has or has had breast cancer, you are 5 times more likely than the average person to develop breast cancer. This can also be linked to carrying the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.

If you have concerns about what other factors may increase your risk of developing breast cancer, be sure to speak with your women’s health care team.

What is a 3-D Mammogram?

Studies have proven that 3D mammograms find more cancers than traditional 2D mammograms and also reduce the number of false positives. The 3D mammography offers more accurate detection, earlier diagnosis, better detection in dense breast tissue, less anxiety by reducing false positives, and is safer and more effective for detecting breast cancer earlier.

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