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MDH Begins Administering COVID-19 Vaccine

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MDH Begins Administering COVID-19 Vaccine


MACOMB, Ill. –
History occurred at McDonough District Hospital on Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 16) as the first COVID-19 vaccines in McDonough County were administered. Members of the MDH medical staff and front line staff were the first individuals scheduled to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

“This has been a historic day for our hospital and community. We received a vaccination that was created in record time, and was distributed in record time,” said MDH President/CEO Brian E. Dietz, FACHE. “We anticipate this shipment of doses to be distributed by the end of day Friday. We want to thank the McDonough County Health Department, McDonough County Sheriff’s Department, Macomb Police, and our Emergency Services and Disaster Agency for their participation and support for this historic initiative. It has been interesting to experience it. Many of the employees vaccinated today have said Thank You.”

The Illinois Department of Public Health directed that hospital staff across the state be the first to receive the vaccine as part of Phase 1A. McDonough County Health Department staff delivered the vaccine to McDonough District Hospital. The MCHD will coordinate and communicate future vaccine administration to members in the subsequent priority groups. Additional vaccine doses are scheduled for local shipment in the following weeks.

Dr. Jack McPherson, MDH Hospitalist Medical Director, was the first recipient at 2:32 p.m. followed by Dr. Edwin Card, MDH Chief Medical Officer. Courtenay Ring, BSN, RN, CIC from MDH Infection Control administered the vaccine to the two MDH physicians.

Several MDH staff members worked Wednesday afternoon giving injections to front line staff.

“It’s great we have the vaccine,” said Dr. McPherson. “I want to set an example to let everybody know that it is a safe option. I’m just happy we have the vaccine available to us, happy that Macomb was able to get some of the first group of vaccines.”

The MDH COVID-19 webpage has additional information on the COVID-19 vaccine and testing performed at the MDH Drive-Thru. The MCHD, IDPH and CDC also offers educational materials on the vaccine.