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Fund Established To Support Breast Cancer Families

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  • Written By: John Maguire

Macomb, IL -- Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October has a special meaning for a Macomb family who wants to share its concern and support for others who face the challenges of dealing with the disease.

Linda’s Fund has been created in honor of Linda (Ren) Bainter, as an initiative of support for women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. Established at McDonough District Hospital through the generosity of Linda’s son Brad Bainter and his wife Amy Spelman, and supported by family of Linda Bainter, the fund will be used to provide items which support the breast cancer patient and her family.

Items might include special adaptive clothing to personal care products for patients. The fund is designed to provide resources which will be utilized to support patients who are being treated and their families.

“We wanted to recognize the courage and encouragement my mother offered to other women with breast cancer and do so in a way which continues to provide support for others faced with this disease,” said Brad Bainter of Macomb.

Linda (Ren) Bainter passed away on April 11, 1996 at the age of 57 after a second battle with breast cancer. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer during the summer of 1982. She had surgery that included a single mastectomy and the removal of many of her lymph nodes that left her easily susceptible to illness during her remaining years. The surgery was followed by heavy chemotherapy.

After the surgery Linda became active in supporting women with breast cancer. She was known for offering encouragement to women diagnosed with breast cancer through personal visits, cards and notes, and prayers. She remained cancer-free for 12 years before the cancer returned in the fall of 1994. She had her annual medical examination only two months earlier and was still cancer-free at that time. There was every reason to believe that this was only a minor setback to her but the cancer moved quickly to her liver within months and in April of 1995 she was told that she had 12 months or less to live – a period of time that she was able to spend much quality time with her family before she finally succumbed to the cancer.

“I think my mom’s two greatest disappointments when she found out she was not going to win this battle a second time were that she was not going to get the opportunity to watch her grandchildren grow-up and that she felt as though she was letting down other breast cancer survivors whom she had been encouraging for so many years,” said Brad. “I can’t change that she did not have the opportunity to watch her grandkids Chelsea and Dustin grow up but by establishing this fund we can continue her work of encouraging other women with breast cancer and our family can honor the courageous battle she waged against breast cancer for 14 years.”

Linda’s Fund, as it grows, will offer financial support to women in west-central Illinois who are using the services of McDonough District Hospital. “It is our hope that as this fund grows that no need will ever go unmet for any woman facing breast cancer whether it is for medicine, cosmetic needs, transportation costs, or other needs that can’t be met by family, friends, or insurance,” stated Brad.

“The hospital is pleased to establish a fund which will be used to support breast cancer patients and families and to recognize Linda Bainter and her family’s efforts to cope with this disease,” said John C. Maguire, director of public relations and fund development at MDH. “It is especially appropriate to announce this fund during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month to serve as an example of the support available to cancer patients and their families.”

For additional information or to make a contribution to Linda’s Fund at McDonough District Hospital, contact the MDH Public Relations and Fund Development Office at 836-1557.