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MDH Update with Aetna Insurance

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MDH Update with Aetna Insurance

December 11, 2022

MDH Update with Aetna Insurance

Aetna Medicare Advantage plan:

As mentioned in prior updates, State of Illinois retirees received a document from Trails indicating Aetna MAPD PPO plan participants will be able to use any doctor, hospital, or specialist in or out of the Aetna Medicare Advantage network without paying more for out-of-network services, as long as the provider has:

- accepted the plan and

- has not opted out or been excluded from Medicare.

McDonough District Hospital and all MDH providers accept Medicare plans, and have not opted out and are not excluded from the Medicare program.

This means that anyone with an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan can use all healthcare services provided by MDH and see all MDH providers without having to pay out-of-network costs.

MDH and its providers will directly file insurance claims with Aetna, therefore individuals with Medicare Advantage can stay with McDonough District Hospital.

Aetna commercial insurance update:

McDonough District Hospital continues to await an official response from Aetna in relation to the commercial insurance plan.

When there is an update on the commercial insurance plan MDH will notify the public.

For a full list of insurance plans accepted please refer to the Pricing Transparency at McDonough District Hospital document, located on the Financial Services webpage at under Patients & Visitors.