Before Surgery

To prepare patients and their families for the surgical experience, we offer a Pre-Admission Surgical Service (PASS).

Pre-Admission Instructions

Please report to the Admitting Department at the arranged time.

The pre-admission process consists of several steps, which will take about one to two hours.  For more information about pre-admission, please call 309-836-1572
  • For registration, please bring your health insurance or medical card(s). (It is your responsibility to pre-certify with your insurance carrier.)
  • Dress accordingly for any physician-ordered blood tests, X-rays, or EKGs. Chest X-rays and EKGs require removing clothing from the waist up.
  • A registered nurse will interview you about your surgical and medical history.  Bring your home medications in their original bottles or a medication list with the name, dose and frequency.
  • You will sign the consent form for surgery or tests and have the opportunity to ask questions. Patients also receive pre-operative and post-operative teaching through verbal and written instructions.
  • Patients having total joint replacements and those requiring crutches following surgery will visit with Rehabilitation Services. (Please allow extra time for this process.) If you already have crutches that you plan to use after surgery, bring them with you to Rehabilitation Services.
  • If you are having a procedure such as an upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, esophageal manometry, or 24-hour pH probe testing, more detailed pre-surgery instructions can be found at