The Profession of Radiography

A Radiologic Technologist (RT) is one who, under the direction of a Radiologist (a certified physician in diagnostic imaging and treatment), uses ionizing radiation to produce high-quality images of the human body to help diagnose and treat injuries and diseases. The Radiologic Technologist must communicate with a wide variety of healthcare providers and function in a team-oriented atmosphere. Their role extends to the care and comfort of the patient as well.

According to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, “A career in radiologic technology can lead in many directions. Demand for radiologic technologists is strong across the country, in every health care setting. You could work in a large hospital setting, a suburban outpatient clinic, or a rural physician's office. You could specialize in dozens of clinical areas ranging from prenatal care to orthopedics. You could be responsible for quality assurance or for overseeing the implementation of new technology. You could manage an entire radiology department, including its budget and personnel. Or you could teach. The boundaries of your career in radiologic technology are determined only by your own abilities and interests.”