L.A.T.E Prenatal Class

Don’t be late for these classes- they will provide you with the information you will need to have a rewarding childbirth experience. MDH offers a 4-Week L.A.T.E class, which meets for four Thursday evenings. MDH also offers an 8-Hour Saturday L.A.T.E class.

Join other expectant parents in a class designed to help women know their birthing options, increase their confidence in their body's ability to give birth and to help their partners build the skills needed in their role as her primary support person. During the classes, your instructor will explain the stages of labor: Latent, Active, Transition, and Expulsion (L.A.T.E.). They will incorporate not only breathing and relaxation techniques, but will teach you various labor positions to help make each phase of labor as manageable as possible. Our instructors are experienced OB nurses at MDH with more than 60 years of nursing experience between them. They are skilled at helping women cope with the challenges of labor, and they will use humor to make this a fun class for you and your support person. A tour of the OB Department will be included in this series.

2015 L.A.T.E Class Schedule

8-Hour Saturday Class 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM
  • September 26
  • December 5
4-Week Class Schedule 7:00 PM-9:15 PM
  • October 22, 29; November 5, 12