Available Services

McDonough District Hospital offers many services for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and related memory loss disorders.

Diagnostic Evaluation
MDH, in affiliation with Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and a patient’s primary care provider, provides a series of medical and functional assessment tests. Annual evaluations are recommended and scheduled on request to assess the progression of the illness. Patients and family members will be advised of educational materials and community resources available.

Day Health Services
This program is designed to help older adults maintain independence in their home or family environment. It provides a supportive staff that encourages socialization, wellness, individualism and freedom of choice in a warm, friendly environment.

Educational Presentations
McDonough District Hospital offers educational presentations and services to individual family members or community groups upon request.

Memory Walk
McDonough District Hospital has been a sponsor of the annual Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk in Macomb since 1998.