Cancer Care

McDonough District Hospital provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cancer care services—from early diagnostics, full laboratory services, surgery and chemotherapy, to patient and family counseling and educational support.

The MDH Cancer Program

McDonough District Hospital remains committed to serving the public's interest and that commitment includes sponsoring a progressive Cancer Program.

Cancer Resource Guide

A comprehensive Cancer Resource Guide, created by MDH staff, is available free of charge for newly diagnosed cancer patients, as well as patients who have experienced a recurrence. The guide contains pertinent information about cancer, tests, treatments, reliable websites, community resources, and answers to commonly asked questions for people experiencing cancer. Each guide is individualized based on patient diagnosis and questions. To request a Cancer Resource Guide, contact the MDH Outreach Services department at (309) 836-1584.

Cancer Screenings

McDonough District Hospital Outreach Services provides screenings for the early detection of several different types of cancer. Each March and April, MDH offers free fecal occult blood test kits. This is the first step in detecting colon and rectal cancer and is recommended every year for anyone over 50 or at an earlier age if they have a family history of the disease or symptoms of colorectal cancer. The kit checks for blood in the stool and is completed in the privacy of your home. The results will be sent to you and a follow up with your physician will be recommended if the results are positive. Colorectal cancer is easier to treat and often curable when detected early.

Outreach Services also offers sun damage screenings using a UV camera that takes a photo to show the unseen sun damage sustained on an individual’s face. Since cancer of the skin is the most common of all cancers and can affect people of all ages, it is important to know the damaging effects sun exposure has on the skin. This screening is free and offered throughout the year by MDH and can be requested by individuals, organizations and businesses.

Screenings for other types of cancer, such as prostate, are offered periodically through Outreach Services. Please call 309-836-1584 for further details.

Chemotherapy Services

MDH provides outpatient chemotherapy services in the Outpatient Infusion Service Area, located on second floor. A pleasant room with a TV and enjoyable surroundings allows for the procedure to be completed in comfort. Food and beverages are available as needed. Your family member may stay with you. For more information, contact the secretary on second floor at (309) 836-1562.

Diagnostic Services

The McDonough District Hospital Laboratory and Radiology departments are proud to offer a wide range of services and state-of-the-art equipment that aid in the diagnosis of cancer. Patients need not go out of town to receive the following diagnostic services: Spiral Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET) CT, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, bone scans, mammography with Computer Assisted Detection (CAD), and Stereotactic Breast Biopsy.

Reach to Recovery

This is an American Cancer Society program and a trained breast cancer survivor will visit or contact any woman who has had breast surgery to answer questions, give printed information on breast cancer, and share her personal experiences with breast cancer. For more information about this program, contact MDH Outreach Services at (309) 836-1584.

Road to Recovery

Volunteer drivers provide rides for cancer patients who are unable to secure their own transportation to and from treatment. To contact a volunteer, call Claire at the American Cancer Society at (309) 688-3488.

Wig Loan Services

This is a free service that provides a wide variety of wigs and turbans to women in need due to hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation treatments. For more information, contact the Western Illinois Regional Council, (Teresa Cadle) located at 233 South Randolph in Macomb, at (309) 837-3941 or New Image (Sandy Campbell) located at 170 W. Penn Avenue in Roseville, at (309) 426-2458.

Look Good Feel Better Program

This is a free program sponsored by the American Cancer Society and held at MDH. A trained cosmetologist will show women, who are currently receiving cancer treatment, how to cope with skin changes and hair loss using cosmetics and skin care products donated by the cosmetic industry. For more information or to pre-register contact MDH Outreach Services at 309-836-1584.

Other Resources:

  • Suggested Websites
  • Illinois Cancer Care (Medical Oncologists, Michael Veeder, MD and Diane Prager, MD)
  • InterCommunity Cancer Center (Radiation Oncologist, Warren Wilkens, MD)
  • Macomb Oncology Institute/Radiation Center (Anwar Ahmad, MD and Saleem Mahmood, MD) 401 East Grant Street, Macomb; (309) 836-8400