Advocacy / Social Services

Advocacy Services is an integrated patient care department that includes advocate services, social services, and spiritual care. The staff provides support and problem solving assistance to patients, families and visitors.

Advocacy Services are responsible for:
  • bridging the gap in communication
  • guiding people through the healthcare system
  • providing information regarding advanced directives
  • acting as liaison between clients in the healthcare system and the organization’s administration, staff, and physicians
  • Assisting with the coordination of discharge planning
  • Facilitating alternative living arrangements
  • Providing information on financial assistance programs
Advocates also assist in safeguarding the rights of the patients during hospitalization. A system is in place to address complaints and grievances in a timely manner, and Advocacy Services assists with the coordination, investigation, and the resolution of consumer complaints regarding MDH services. Customer complaints are used in the performance improvement efforts of the organization.

Advocacy Services is available to meet patient needs seven days a week by utilizing social work staff and volunteer community clergy. Advocacy Services also assists patients, families, or visitors with questions about MDH, services available, and any specific requests and/or concerns from admission to discharge and follow-up services.