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Consulting Staff

Alexander Alonso, MD, Nephrology

Mona Alqulali, MD, Ob-Gyn

Saad Alvi, MD, Internal Medicine

Stephen E. Bash, MD, Pediatric Cardiology

David G. Best, MD, Cardiology

Daveder Bhardwaj, MD, Radiology

Bruce Bobofchak, DDS, Oral Surgery

Matthew Bramlet, MD, Pediatric Cardiology

James Brown, MD, Emergency Medicine

David Chan, MD, Cardiology

Sudha Cherukuri, MD, Nephrology

Kelly Cox, MD, Emergency Medicine

Brian Curtis, MD, Internal Medicine

Troy Cutler, MD, Emergency Medicine

Anil Dhuna, MD, Neurology

John Edwards, MD, Anesthesia

Douglas J. Freel, DPM, Podiatry

Mansura Ghani, MD, Cardiology

John B. Gill, MD, Cardiology

Devang Gujarathi, MD, Internal Medicine

Ty Hasselman, MD, Pediatric Cardiology

Stuart Hickerson, MD, Emergency Medicine

Christopher Hoffman, MD, Family Practice

James Hubler, MD, Emergency Medicine

Richard B. Iverson, MD, Family Practice

Raji Jacob, MD, Nephrology

Mathai Karingada, MD, Internal Medicine

Dan Kaspar, DDS, Oral Surgery

Richard Katholi, MD, Cardiology

Michael P. Kelley, MD, Cardiology

Dinesh Khannabhiran, MD, Nephrology

Tinoy Kizhakekuttu, MD, Cardiology

Nicholaus Keuhn, MD, Radiology

Agniesgka Kulikowska, MD, Pediatric Cardiology

Roby Lal, DO, Radiology Oncology

Ronald K. Leonard, MD, Family Practice

Rachid Macwar, MD, Cardiology

Saleem Mahmood, MD, Radiation Oncology

Ravi B. Masih, MD, Emergency Medicine

Gabor Matos, MD, Cardiology

Jack L. McPherson, MD, Family Practice

Ronald Mejzak, DO, Anesthesia

Victor Mensah, MD, Family Medicine

Nasaraiah Nallamothu, MD, Cardiology

Aneesh Neekhra, MD, Neurology

Holly Novak, MD, Cardiology

Kenechukwu Nwafo, MD, Internal Medicine

Debra Oden, MD, Radiology

Smitha Pamulaparthy, MD, Nephrology

Priti Patel, MD, Pediatric Cardiology

Himanshu Pathak, MD, Cardiology

John Pieniazek, MD, Emergency Medicine

Diane Prager, MD, Oncology

Ronald Rabjohns, MD, Cardiology

Jugalkishor Raval, MD, Neurology

Chittaranjan Reddy, MD, Ophthalmology

Eric Reinertson, MD, Ob-Gyn

David Rivera, MD, Ob-Gyne

Jennifer Roberts, DO, Emergency Medicine

Carlos Sanchez, Emergency Medicine

Steve Schell, MD, Anesthesia

Jennifer Schroeder, MD, Family Practice

Jitendra Shah, MD, Pediatric Cardiologist

Anna Shmagel, MD, Internal Medicine

Kumarpal Shrishrimal, MD, Nephrology

Robert Simpson, DO, Internal Medicine

Stephen J. Smart, MD, Allergy

Partha Srinivasan, MD, Nephrology

Myron Stachniw, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Mark Stampehl, MD, Cardiology

Jacob Thomas, MD, Internal Medicine

Chukwuemeka Uzoka, MD, Internal Medicine

Michael H. Veeder, MD, Oncology

Michael L. Waters, MD, Family Practice

Adrienne Williams, MD, Anesthesia

Robert Woodruff, MD, Cardiology

Vincent P. Zuck, MD, Cardiology

Last Update: 07.19.13

*The Consulting Medical Staff shall consist of physicians with demonstrated competence who are qualified for Active Staff membership, but who only occasionally admit or attend patients in the hospital, or who act only as consultants.