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Terri McHugh

September 2014

Terri McHugh
  Service Excellence Leader

Congratulations to Terri McHugh, Service Excellence Leader, on being named the recipient of the MDH APPLE Award for September 2014. APPLE stands for “Achieving outstanding Performance in Patient care, Leadership, Loyalty and Enthusiasm for MDH.”

Terri began working at MDH on December 27, 2011, as a Service Excellence Leader. She keeps service excellence at the forefront of MDH by utilizing various venues, including Making Rounds and a weekly huddle report to generate conversations and ideas within each department. Terri is a great resource for department leaders who readily turn to her for valuable guidance. She has done an outstanding job of developing our service excellence program and has made a very positive impact at MDH.

Terri promotes harmony and teamwork while displaying energy and vitality in performing her responsibilities. She has worked well with OASIS/LEAN teams and motivates others by recognizing that each member of the team can offer a contribution. She does an excellent job working with Service Excellence Advisors/Coaches. Terri supports change and seeks out ways to do things better. She has organized countless special training events to improve the overall patient experience; customer satisfaction is her highest priority. Terri is always researching new and creative ways to communicate the unified message that the purpose of our work is the patient.

Terri is hard-working, detailed-oriented, and organized. She demonstrates high standards of professional conduct while displaying a great attitude. She is friendly, outgoing, and treats everyone with warmth. She has an uncanny ability to remember everyone’s name. Terri is a great listener and strives to understand all sides of the story. She is a true leader in that she is responsible for her own learning. If she doesn’t know something, she seeks out information by utilizing appropriate resources until she finds the resolution.

“Terri is truly an inspiration to us all,” states her nominator. Her nominator shares that Terri is a positive role model who exemplifies excellence each and every day. She engages visitors, volunteers, and staff on a personal level. The interdepartmental satisfaction results speak volumes as her peers rated her as a top performer. Her nominator continues, “When I think of an APPLE award winner . . . I picture Terri!”

Terri and her husband, Dean, have two daughters, Traci and Katie. Terri loves walking and playing with her dogs, Hank and Bailey. In her spare time, Terri enjoys collecting crafts and reading.