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Josh Connor

June 2015

Josh Connor, Operator

Please join me in congratulating Josh Connor, Operator in Communications, on being named the recipient of the MDH APPLE Award for June 2015. APPLE stands for "Achieving outstanding Performance in Patient care, Leadership, Loyalty and Enthusiasm for MDH."

Josh began his employment at MDH as an Operator in Communications on November 17, 2010. During his employment, Josh attended Western Illinois University. In May 2014, Josh graduated from WIU with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Josh is an outstanding employee. He has excellent communication skills and is very good about letting the next shift know what is necessary for them to do their job well. He is organized and has a great service voice. He strives diligently to provide the correct information to callers and to connect them to the appropriate location. Josh exhibits a wonderful attitude and is always positive.

Josh is kind and very caring to his co-workers and others. He is always ready to lend a hand and help his co-worker. He is loved by his peers and gives quality service to his customers. He is loyal and trustworthy. He is courteous, conscientious, pleasant and calm. Even in high stress situations, Josh handles the event with calmness and composure while keeping a smile on his face. Josh is a joy to have in the department.

His nominators explain Josh is very personable and conscientious. He is an asset to the department. Another nominator states, “Josh is an excellent person to work with. He’s a perfectionist at his job. When he does something, you can always count on it being done right.”

Josh enjoys many hobbies including reading, genealogy, hiking, gardening and traveling.