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Julie Elliott

July 2015

Julie Elliott, RN

Please join me in congratulating Julie Elliott, Registered Nurse in Obstetrics, on being named the recipient of the MDH APPLE Award for July 2015. APPLE stands for "Achieving outstanding Performance in Patient care, Leadership, Loyalty and Enthusiasm for MDH."

Julie graduated from Mennonite College of Nursing (Illinois State University) in Bloomington with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1988. She began her employment at MDH on December 2, 2010, as a Registered Nurse in Obstetrics.

Prior to her employment at MDH, Julie gained valuable skills working on a medical/surgical floor that have been advantageous as she transitioned to her new role as an OB RN. Julie is a skilled nurse who has great IV skills. She is knowledgeable and continues to take on new responsibilities. Julie stays calm in all situations and is a team player who is always willing to jump in and help someone who needs an extra hand.

Julie is a strong patient advocate who is very compassionate and dedicated to her patients. She has a great sense of humor and makes patients feel at ease while providing care to them. Julie is a joy to work with and always has a positive attitude. Nursing is her profession, not just a job.

One nominator explains that Julie is always finding things to do and offering to help others. She comes in when things get busy and takes extra shifts to help the department. Another nominator explains, “Julie is such a hard working nurse. She is loved by all of her patients and is so kind.” She is always upbeat and happy, makes coming to work fun and has such a contagious laugh. You can tell by her attitude at work she loves her job.

Julie is married to Joe. In her spare time, she enjoys golfing, hiking, landscaping and crafting.