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Robyn Kilburn

January 2015

Robyn Kilburn
Convenient Care

Please join me in congratulating Robyn Kilburn, Secretary/Receptionist at Convenient Care, on being named the recipient of the MDH APPLE Award for January 2015. APPLE stands for “Achieving outstanding Performance in Patient care, Leadership, Loyalty and Enthusiasm for MDH.”

Robyn began her employment at MDH on September 8, 2003 as a Communications Operator. She then worked as a Registration Clerk from March 15, 2004 to May 16, 2005 before transferring to Human Resources where she worked as a Clerk. In September 2006, Robyn returned to Registration as an ER Clerk. From June 2008 to November 2009, Robyn also worked as an EMT for Emergency Services in addition to her role as ER Clerk. In August 2014, Robyn began her current role as Secretary/Receptionist at Convenient Care.

Robyn’s focus remains on what is best for the patients and their family members. She has excellent communication skills and is a great listener. Robyn does an excellent job in keeping everyone informed. Robyn remains calm in all situations and shows outstanding commitment to her work.

Robyn is the patient’s first contact at Convenient Care and she strives to make the patient feel welcome and informed by explaining wait times and other processes. She was the first employee to fill the secretary role and has been key in defining responsibilities and establishing smooth work flows. Robyn’s success has proven her position at Convenient Care was necessary for patient satisfaction. Robyn has taken the newly created role and made it flourish.

Robyn has a pleasant attitude and gets along well with her co-workers. Robyn provides excellent service excellence by being respectful, courteous, and available to all she encounters. Her nominator states, “Robyn’s attitude should be an example of what all of us should strive for.” Robyn is an exceptional employee who deserves to be recognized as an asset to Convenient Care and MDH.

Robyn and her husband, Shane, have three children, Spencer, Grant, and Ava. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and watching movies along with attending her children’s events. Robyn recently started fostering puppies and enjoys being able to help the puppies who are in need.