MDH & WIU Announce Award Winners


Macomb-McDonough District Hospital (MDH) and Western Illinois University (WIU) are pleased to announce Kim Rhoads of Macomb is the recipient of the Student Nurse of the Year award and Keith Engel of Macomb has received the Nurse of the Year award. The awards were presented at a reception on Friday, April 27 at MDH in honor of the WIU School of Nursing pre-licensure students who will graduate this month with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.  

Rhoads was selected as the Student Nurse of the Year by MDH nurses and WIU faculty for her academic achievements, leadership potential, and clinical ability. Rhoads’ nominator says, “She is always kind to everyone she meets and professional. Kim goes above and beyond to help her fellow students and the patients she cares for.”

Rhoads has been in health care for many years, she said “I worked at the Elms Nursing Home for over 20 years. I wanted to help people more and in a higher capacity than I was able to do with the qualifications I had at the time. In order to do so, I went back to school to become a nurse!”

MDH is pleased to be a clinical site for the WIU School of Nursing. Tobie Richey, Recruiter for MDH Human Resources, states, “We are excited to honor the second group of pre-licensure graduates. This program, as well as the RN to BSN curriculum, helps to fill the needs of our communities. We are pleased to recognize Kim’s achievements as the 2012 recipient of this award."

The Nurse of the Year award recognizes an outstanding RN from MDH who has been involved with the clinical training of the WIU nursing students. The award is based upon the nurse’s generosity with nursing students, integrity with the care of clients, mentoring ability with students, and knowledge of nursing.

Keith Engel, RN, was selected as Nurse of the Year by students in the nursing program. Engel, a graduate of Spoon River College School of Nursing, started his career at MDH in June of 2006. He is currently an RN in Acute Care.

“It’s an honor to receive this award knowing that it comes from the students. They have such a large group of nurses to pick from, and I can’t imagine I do more than the rest of nursing staff,” said Engel about receiving the award.

In nominating Engel, the students praised his willingness to help them. His nominators commented, “Keith is a very caring and compassionate RN who treats all his patients and co-workers with respect. He is very knowledgeable in the field of nursing and is always willing to share his knowledge with us students. He inspires me to be the best nurse I can be.”

Western Illinois Universityoffers a Pre-Nursing, Pre-Licensure, and RN to BSN Completion program.

To learn more about the nursing program, contact the WIU nursing department at (309) 298-2571. For more information about nursing career opportunities at MDH, contact Human Resources at 309-836-1577.

Western Illinois University School of Nursing 2012 graduates were honored at a reception at MDH on April 27.

Pictured, left to right- Front row: Emily Hilligoss, Kimberly Rhoads, Lauren Foster, Mollie Bruns, and Allyson Downing. Middle row: Della "Katie" Morey, Alyssa Page, Darci Anderson, Hailey Hamlin, Klaudia Niedzwiechi, and Sausha Jenkins. Back row: Chelsea Peterson, Jennifer Reynolds, Jacob Ginglen, Sierra Horras, and Trisha Kuster.

MDH and WIU personnel presented an award to the Nurse of the Year.

Pictured, left to right- Front row: Wanda Foster, VP/Chief Nursing Executive; Dr. P.L. Monahan; Bharathi Madegowda; Keith Engel, RN; and Rebecca Raplee. Back row: Theo Schultz, Lynn Bartlett, Carolyn Whitehouse, Julie Auger, and Kenny Boyd, MDH President/CEO.

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